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Sun Jun 14 13:10:18 UTC 2009


Am Samstag, 13. Jun 2009, 20:18:02 -0400 schrieb Daniel Underwood:
> I edit python code in vim using Terminal on xfce.  I find myself, not
> surprisingly, having to exit "insert mode" and save changes frequently
> (when making code changes and wishing to test the immediate effects of
> the changes in a separate terminal).  This requires pressing 4 keys:
> "esc", ":", "w", and "enter".  How can I configure a shortcut (ideally
> using an F# key) that will perform this sequence of 4 key-presses?

This would rather be a question for the Vim mailing list.

  imap <F5> <esc>:w<bar>sleep 1<cr>gi

The purpose of the sleep is that you see the "written" message.


Bertram Scharpf
Stuttgart, Deutschland/Germany

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