CPU/motherboard recommendations

TJ Varghese tj at tjvarghese.com
Sun Jun 14 02:47:51 UTC 2009

Robert Huff wrote:
> 	I am actively building the parts list for a new system, and
> would welcome advice on motherboards.
> 	Quick research has pointed me to two paths with regard to CPUs:
> Intel Q9550(s)/Q9650, and AMD Phenom II 925/945.  (Unfortunately, the
> 925 doesn't seem to be available to the general public yet.)
> 	The ideal motherboard would be small on bells and whistles
> (onboard NIC, video, and RAID are optional (even undesirable) though
> a decent sound chip would be good) and big on reliability,
> expandability (this machine might end up with 8gbytes memory and
> many storage devices), and good layout.
I've had good luck with Intel Desktopboards...it's a boring choice, 
since everything just works.
Desktopboards tried:

1) DG965RY - 4DIMM, max 8GB, Intel GbE, 4 sata w/PS2
2) DG31PR - 2 DIMM, max 4GB, Realtek GbE, 4 sata w/PS2.
3) DQ35JOE - 4 DIMM max 8GB, Intel GbE, 6 sata, no PS2

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