Compiling in sound driver in kernel

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Sat Jun 13 14:03:46 UTC 2009

On Sat, 13 Jun 2009 12:35:42 +0200, Ruben de Groot <mail25 at> wrote:
> The handbook, IMO, is wrong.
> The copy of GENERIC will in the course of upgrades deviate from the original one.
> You won't pick up improvements, like the scheduler change from 4BSD -> ULE

I don't think the handbook is wrong, but you mentioned a different,
but still completely valid solution:

> What I do is include the GENERIC file and override things with nooption/nodevice 
> directives.

Never tried this, but surely will.

The last time I compiled a kernel, I made a copy of GENERIC,
edited the copy to only include what is really present on the
system, and used KERNCONF with this file. So I "composed" a
new file on the example of GENERIC.

Of course I know that it's not possible to use a kernel config
from 4.10 to build a kernel on 7.2, so caution is intended. :-)

The benefit of "my" solution is that you are not depending on
another file, or have to read it through in order to form the
intended nodevice and nooption statements. Anyway, you have to
review the file with each system update, to find out if something
important changed (e. g. the default scheduler, as you mentioned).

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