Compiling in sound driver in kernel

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Thu Jun 11 20:00:50 UTC 2009

On Thu, 11 Jun 2009 21:44:56 +0200, Bernt Hansson <bernt at> wrote:
> Polytropon skrev:
> > On Thu, 11 Jun 2009 20:48:32 +0200, Bernt Hansson <bernt at> wrote:
> >> Yes. No go. I even tested to put "snd_hda="YES"" in /etc/rc.conf
> Even tested "kldload snd_hda="YES"" in rc.conf
> In 7.1 it dit work with some errors.

Of course. /etc/rc.conf is "executed", in the normal way it
is used it simply associates values to variables. If you
would put

	echo "Get me beer!"

into /etc/rc.conf, you would see this message.

So what you did: You executed

	kldload snd_hda="YES"

which you could also have tried the same command at the
command line (sh).

> Indeed. But it does not load snd_hda

Of course not. You could put

	kldload snd_hda.ko

into /etc/rc.conf, but that isn't the way such things are done.

> None. No driver. Always have to add it manually.

Which would not work if the driver was actually compiled int
the kernel. Example: I have compiled snd_cmi and sound into
my kernel. So my kldstat looks like this:

	# kldstat
	Id Refs Address    Size     Name
	 1    3 0xc0400000 6959cc   kernel
	 2    1 0xc0a96000 683b4    acpi.ko

If I now try to load the snd_cmi kernel module, this happens:

	# kldload snd_cmi.ko 
	kldload: can't load snd_cmi.ko: File exists

This indicates that the driver is already present. It has been
preloaded by the kernel (it is IN the kernel), so it cannot
be loaded by kldload.

So if you ARE able to kldload the module, it hasn't been in
the kernel (or at least not loaded). Maybe you can check your
hints file for some strange entries?

> I'm going to reboot now so i get a fresh dmesg. OAU

Good luck.

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