problem writing to usb flash

Manolis Kiagias sonicy at
Thu Jun 11 14:40:48 UTC 2009

leo wrote:
> I succesfully configure gnome 2.22 with gconftools-2 to automount flash
> drive:
> gconftool-2 -s --type
> bool /desktop/gnome/volume_manager/automount_drives true
> % gconftool-2 -s --type bool /desktop/gnome/volume_manager/automount_media true
> % gconftool-2 -s --type bool /desktop/gnome/volume_manager/autobrowse true
> and run the hald in daemon mode
> I suspect that I have ntfs, is there any utility in BSD for writing this
> fs

Yes, ntfs-3g is available via the sysutils/fusefs-ntfs port. I don't 
know whether it will work "out of the box" with automounting though.

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