Automagic revision numbers with Perl Modules and SVN

Steve Bertrand steve at
Thu Jun 11 12:21:28 UTC 2009

Matthew Seaman wrote:
> Steve Bertrand wrote:
>> Any guidance to fix the version numbering (especially to fix the FreeBSD
>> package db) to make it automagic again, is very welcome:
>> %svn diff -r56
>> Index:
>> ===================================================================
>> ---        (revision 56)
>> +++        (working copy)
>> @@ -13,7 +13,7 @@
>>  @EXPORT = qw(
>>  );
>> -$VERSION = sprintf "%d.%03d", q$Revision: 1.9 $ =~ /: (\d+)\.(\d+)/;
> ^^^^ This takes a version number like 1.9 (ie. a string of digits
> containing
> one decimal point) and converts it to 1.009
>> +$VERSION = (q$Revision: 1.9 $ =~ /: (\d+)\.(\d+)/;
> ^^^^ whereas this just extracts the number from the revision string and
> uses it as is -- ie. 1.9
> I believe that svn will update $Revision$ keywords in source files (or it
> has some similar function which only differs in the details), but I
> could be
> wrong, and it is entirely possible that the revision numbers will behave
> differently -- svn keeping a repository wide version and cvs keeping a
> version
> per file.  Consult the svn documentation on how to embed the version number
> into the file -- once that is working, producing a perl one-liner to
> initialise
> $VERSION will be pretty easy.
> Assuming this is from a standard module using Module::Build or
> ExtUtils::MakeMaker you should check the Makefile.PL at the top
> level.  In there if you're using Module::Build it should say something
> like:
>  version_from   lib/
> (although the path may differ).  This extracts the value of $VERSION
> from the named .pm file and uses it as the overall module version. Assuming
> your second line, you'll end up with a package name like
> bsdpan-EagelUser-1.9
> (ExtUtils::MakeMaker works similarly).  If you're desperate, you can
> override the setting by patching the Makefile but that doesn't help at all
> in your aim of having the version number update dynamically.
> The convention about padding version strings with leading zeros seems
> to have come and gone in the perl world.  I'm not at all sure what the
> current recognised best practice is.

Thanks Matthew for such a detailed and informative response.

I'll look into this today, and report back to the list for archive
purposes if I get this to work.


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