Need a filesystem with "unlimited" inodes

Kelly Jones kelly.terry.jones at
Wed Jun 10 22:59:18 UTC 2009

On 6/8/09, Kelly Jones <kelly.terry.jones at> wrote:
> What UFS-like filesystem has unlimited inodes, but is a drop-in
> replacement for ext3, and is fairly easy to configure?

Thanks to everyone who replied.

I'm using 100+ rented cloud servers to do stuff for me and rsync the
results back to a server I own.

I'm sure I could use a db or zip file somehow, but my goal is to get
the data centralized ASAP, since I'm paying per hour for the rented
cloud servers. DBs and ZIP files would take more time.

Once I have the data on my server, I can take as much time as I want.

My problem: I ran out of inodes during the rsync process, and had to
re-do some of the work, wasting some of my cloud servers time/money.

I ended up settling on zfs. It hung hard once (had to reboot the
server), which scares me, but it otherwise behaves very well. With
compress=gzip-9, it's even saving me disk space.

Yes, I realize cloud computing is cheap (and I'm actually still on a
free trial), but I value efficiency.

We're just a Bunch Of Regular Guys, a collective group that's trying
to understand and assimilate technology. We feel that resistance to
new ideas and technology is unwise and ultimately futile.

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