AFP Client in FreeBSD

Peter Giessel pgiessel at
Wed Jun 10 20:34:29 UTC 2009

On Wednesday, June 10, 2009, at 09:45AM, "Chris Maness" <chris at> wrote:
>Is there an AFP client for FreeBSD?  I have a mac with a gargantuan
>hard drive, and I would like to back up my FreeBSD server to it, and
>back up my mac to my FreeBSD server.  I have seen where FreeBSD can be
>an AFP server, but there is little information on the client.  Any

I regularly backup my FreeBSD boxes using dump and ssh to a very
large hard drive on my mac.  Here is how I do it:

- Turn on SSH access on the mac (I believe in OSX.5 it is called
"Remote Login")
- Setup PubkeyAuthentication:
(Section 14.11.6 - works the same on Mac and FreeBSD)
- Wrote a script similar to this:
/sbin/dump -1uaL -f - / | gzip -2 | ssh user at dd of="/Volumes/Remote\ Backup/root.gz"
/sbin/dump -1uaL -f - /tmp | gzip -2 | ssh user at dd of="/Volumes/Remote\ Backup/tmp.gz"
/sbin/dump -1uaL -f - /var | gzip -2 | ssh user at dd of="/Volumes/Remote\ Backup/var.gz"
/sbin/dump -1uaL -f - /usr | gzip -2 | ssh user at dd of="/Volumes/Remote\ Backup/usr.gz"
echo "Dumps Done"
(of course adjust the user from "user" to your actual ssh username, adjust "Remote\ Backup" to your
actual volume name, and fix the IP address to be the mac's actual IP address, and adjust the dump
level as desired.)
- Added this to crontab:
# Run the backup script
5       4       *       *       *       root    /root/backup-script

Runs every day backing up my unix partitions to the filenames given (root.gz, etc) on the volume
on my Mac.

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