glabel(8) a gmirror(8) doesn't work

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Wed Jun 10 12:20:09 UTC 2009

List members;

Starting with FreeBSD 7.2, the glabel(8) class
supports a new label type for UFS file
systems, based on the unique file system id, ufsid.

Is the above clause  applicable in this case ? instead of using  tunefs  -L 

can we use#  glabel status  ?

and can use the ufsid labels   of  /dev/ufsid/    and  edit  /etc/fstab entries  for the partitions?

> From: valentin.bud at
> Date: Wed, 10 Jun 2009 09:12:47 +0300
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> Subject: glabel(8) a gmirror(8) doesn't work
> Hello community,
>  Yesterday I have installed FBSD 7.2-RELEASE. I have installed on a mirror
> created with gmirror(8). All I have modified on this system is that I have
> updated the sources, rebuild the world and kernel and of course install.
>  I have named the mirror system0 and all worked well. Now the problem
> is that i want to glabel the partitions on the mirror so i have followed the
> following
> procedure:
> 1. reboot to single user
> 2. mount -a
> 3. tunefs -L var /dev/mirror/system0s1d
> This commands exits with "Failed to write superblock".
>  After reading the man of gmirrror(8) and glabel(8) i have noticed that both
> of them
> store metadata on the last sector of the provider. From this results that
> what I want
> to do is not possible, at least my logic tells me that. Since gmirror wrote
> metadata
> to the last sector of the provider, glabel tries to rewrite it and the
> system stops the
> process to protect the filesystem. But then again for gmirror the providers
> are
> the two hdd i use for mirroring and for glabel the provider is the mirror
> itself. That's
> again what my logic tells me. So i think there is some kind of separation
> between the
> two modules and things should work.
>  I have searched a bit but couldn't find any relevant info on labeling a
> mirror. I just
> want to know if this is possible and if it's not I'd like to understand why.
> Labeling a partition is not a must-have but it's sure nice :).
> thanks,
> v
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