glabel(8) a gmirror(8) doesn't work

Valentin Bud valentin.bud at
Wed Jun 10 06:13:09 UTC 2009

Hello community,

 Yesterday I have installed FBSD 7.2-RELEASE. I have installed on a mirror
created with gmirror(8). All I have modified on this system is that I have
updated the sources, rebuild the world and kernel and of course install.

 I have named the mirror system0 and all worked well. Now the problem
is that i want to glabel the partitions on the mirror so i have followed the
1. reboot to single user
2. mount -a
3. tunefs -L var /dev/mirror/system0s1d
This commands exits with "Failed to write superblock".

 After reading the man of gmirrror(8) and glabel(8) i have noticed that both
of them
store metadata on the last sector of the provider. From this results that
what I want
to do is not possible, at least my logic tells me that. Since gmirror wrote
to the last sector of the provider, glabel tries to rewrite it and the
system stops the
process to protect the filesystem. But then again for gmirror the providers
the two hdd i use for mirroring and for glabel the provider is the mirror
itself. That's
again what my logic tells me. So i think there is some kind of separation
between the
two modules and things should work.

 I have searched a bit but couldn't find any relevant info on labeling a
mirror. I just
want to know if this is possible and if it's not I'd like to understand why.

Labeling a partition is not a must-have but it's sure nice :).


network warrior since 2005

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