OT - help w configure, make, etc.

Gary Gatten Ggatten at waddell.com
Wed Jun 10 00:51:11 UTC 2009

Several people have contacted me privately so I'll be in touch with them
as needed.  I've literally worked on this ALL day (and yesterday) and
hacked my way past a number of errors, but STILL don't have a working
app.  Although I have learned a few useful things, I'm about ready to
smash something/someone,  so I guess it's time to find a real *nix admin
that could prolly fix this in 10 minutes instead of 10 days.  If I knew
the various scripting / programming stuff better I'm sure I could fix it
quickly as well, but that's not my specialty.  Guess it's time to learn
more - but not now!

Thanks to those that offered help, and sorry to start yet another flame


PS: I DID actually find something similar to "ports" for Solaris:
opencsw.org / blastwave.org.  I guess there's some feuding between some
of the original dudes, but nonetheless it's nice to have something
*close* to ports to work with! Especially when every d at mn developer
builds dependencies to another dozen apps for every simple function!
I'm ALL about reusing code, but for GAWDS sake, does one REALLY need to
link 1,297 (exaggerating)  libraries to get the time/date or do simple
arithmetic?  If it's "substantial" link it, but if it's 10 lines of
code, PLEASE just embed it!  OK, ranting over - Later!

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>> The most off-topic stuff on this list lately has been your
>> about stuff being off-topic. 
> ...and people complaining about Woj's complaints.
> ...and my own complaining about the people complaining about Woj's
> complaints.  :)

and the circle goes on. Who is right - doesn't matter isn't it ? :)
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