Need advise on how to mount certain CD's

Leslie Jensen leslie at
Tue Jun 9 21:09:19 UTC 2009

Michael Powell skrev:

> A long time ago I tried a Nero add-on of some form or fashion (don't recall 
> the exact name) for Windows that essentially allowed a CD disk to be mounted 
> and used as a disk drive, which allowed for drag and drop in Explorer. It 
> was buggy and crashed regularly so I removed it. I believe this 
> functionality was rolled into the Nero software itself as a feature at some 
> later date/version. This was also incorporated into Vista.
> Bottom line is this is a non-standard UDF format and since the limited UDF 
> support in FreeBSD doesn't support it you will need to have your friend 
> remaster the disk as a CD9660. The limited support for UDF in FreeBSD 
> predates this feature, and likely will never have it anytime soon. 
> -Mike
Thank you all.
I get the picture! I'll make my friend aware of "filesystems" and ask 
him to make readable CD's :-)

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