Installing latest version of LaTeX

Grünewald Michaël michaelgrunewald at
Tue Jun 9 12:42:36 UTC 2009

Le 7 juin 09 à 06:48, Daniel Underwood a écrit :

> Installed texlive from ISO, and it all works perfectly now. Thanks  
> folks!

However, you may realize that ports installing LaTeX style files (or  
other things) usually do it in a directory that TeXlive is not aware  
of. You have to play a bit with `texmf.cnf' to fix this.

If you do not need the most fancy things in the TeX world (like  
LuaTeX), you can go with teTeX and add TeXlive's texmf tree in /usr/ 
local/share/texmf/texmf-local, and replace teTeX updmap.conf files  
with  TeXlive's. This works well and plays nicely with ports depending  
of LaTeX.

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