Spamassasin no DCC header

lyd mc alydiomc at
Tue Jun 9 10:40:28 UTC 2009

Hi guys,

I just installed spamassassin and dcc form ports. It seems to be working, no errors from spamassassin --lint. Later I found out there are no any DCC header in a mail.

bayes_file_mode 0770
dns_available yes
razor_config /var/spool/spamd/.razor/razor-agent.conf
add_header all DCC _DCCB_ _DCCR_
add_header ham SCL 1
add_header spam SCL 9

loadplugin Mail:SpamAssassin:Plugin::DCC

I am using FBSD7.2, postfix with spam-milter (latest from ports).

I notice this from maillog:

spamass-milter: Could not retrive sendmail macro "i"!. Please add it to conFMilter_MACROS_ENVFROM for better spamassassin results

But I am using postfix...

Any ideas?




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