Reproduce previous stdout output without running previous command

Norbert Papke npapke at
Tue Jun 9 06:41:23 UTC 2009

On June 8, 2009, Daniel Underwood wrote:
> Further suppose that after running the command, I decide I want to
> save the output to a text file, so I can analyze the results outside
> of the terminal.  What can I do? Well, I can do a traditional
> "copy-and-paste", or I could re-enter the previous command and send it
> to a text file (which I ought to have done in the first place).
> But is there another option?  Is there some variable (such as,
> hypothetically, $output[n], where n=some integer index) that I could
> use to store the results in a text file?  Such an option might look
> like the following:

You could use sysutils/screen from ports.  Screen lets you capture your 
session in a log file.  If you decide you need the output from a previous 
command, it would be trivial to extract from the log.

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