What server hardware are you buying from the big companies these days?

Karl Vogel vogelke+unix at pobox.com
Tue Jun 9 02:44:00 UTC 2009

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>> ericr <erobison at gmail.com> said:

E> Has anyone bought servers from one of the big manufacturers lately and had
E> good luck with them?

   I've always had good luck with Dell, especially the GX-260s.  I've used
   them for file-servers handling over 100 Samba connections at a time, and
   (considering they're just workstations) they work fine.

E> We've used SuperMicro's in the past, and they've been wildly variable.
E> Some of them have run ok for years, some died within weeks, and kept dying
E> no matter what parts we put in.

   We have three SuperMicro blade servers.  One's worked like a champ, and
   the other two died.  The vendor we used tanked, so no warranty support.

   I got two IBM X3400 boxes to replace the SuperMicros; the drives were
   OK, so I got empty enclosures plus some rails, stuffed the drives in, and
   installed FreeBSD-7.1.  My only problem so far has been a BIOS issue, but
   IBM site-support has been great.

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