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>> On Mon, 8 Jun 2009 17:17:29 -0400, 
>> Daniel Underwood <djuatdelta at gmail.com> said:

D> In the course of reading literature for research, it often happens that I
D> find myself wanted to return to something I have previously read, but I
D> only recall a few "things" about the article, often the author and a
D> keyword.  Is there some inventory/database software (for local use only)
D> that can be easily used for this purpose?  (The closest things that comes
D> to mind (conceptually) is "image collection" software.)

   Are these PDF files generated by scanning journal pages, or do they
   contain text?  If the latter, you could use something like xapian or
   hyperestraier to make a full-text index of your files.

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