7.2-STABLE and iSCSI

FRLinux frlinux at gmail.com
Mon Jun 8 19:22:52 UTC 2009


I am currently using a 7.2-STABLE with iSCSI enabled in the kernel. I
have tried to enable a file system which is 2.4TB in size (this is on
an amd64 architecture). I have followed different documentations I
found and can export an iSCSI target fine and initiate the iSCSI drive
either on a Linux or FreeBSD client.

I am using the /usr/ports/net/iscsi-target-20080207_2

The problem is concerning the size, as the maximum of the file system
I see is 800G out of 2.4TB. I have double checked the target (server)
and the initiator (client) and the cylinders is what does not match.
On the server I have a slice with 15000 cylinders whereas the client
sees only 4000 of them. All the other figures match.

So, did I hit a limitation or am I just doing something wrong?

Thanks for your help,

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