Which nVidea driver to install

Michael Powell nightrecon at verizon.net
Mon Jun 8 17:50:24 UTC 2009

RW wrote:

> Simple, but wrong.
> The driver is not a Linux driver, if you go to the nVidia site you will
> see that there are separate Linux and FreeBSD drivers. You don't need
> to load linux.ko at all if you built nvidia.ko without Linux support.

Aha! You're right! Something has changed. I was describing how things used 
to be, not how they are now. Shows how long it's been since I was paying 
attention. Since I never even bothered to look at the Makefile in a long 
time I never noticed the WITHOUT_LINUX=yes, which is new and since the 
default is to build the Linux support it just passed by me.

But I stand corrected. Hadn't noticed how it had changed. Thanks for waking 
me up :-)


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