Opinion request about a file server

DA Forsyth d.forsyth at ru.ac.za
Mon Jun 8 07:06:26 UTC 2009

> I think my file/print/mail server is a bit overkill:
> http://w3.mutehq.net:8008/sysinfo/

Nice, esp when you compile world.   Last year I upgraded our server 
to a Core 2 Duo 1.8Ghz, Intel DG965 board.  2GB RAM.  Previous board 
was an ASUS P3 1.1GHz, which now hosts my backup server.  Both ran 
FreeBSD file/print/email/web services perfectly.  I upgraded to get 
the onboard SATA sockets so I could increase our available disk space 
(4x500GB in RAID5 for data).

However, a nice benefit is that the Core2 will compile world in 1/4 
the time, and user don't notice the server is 'busy'.

SO, to the original question, yes that motherboard will work just 
fine.   What are you doing for system backups?  A single drive is not 
enough.  I recommend a mirror pair at least, and suggest a second box 
for backups.

       DA Fo rsyth            Network Supervisor
Principal Technical Officer -- Institute for Water Research

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