issue with dhcp and dns

Erik Norgaard norgaard at
Mon Jun 8 00:36:27 UTC 2009

Dave wrote:
> 	I'm trying to get dhcp and dns going ddns on FreeBSD 7.2. In my
> dhcpd.leases file i see the forward and reverse information given on the
> lease. A host fqdn and a host IP address both return correct dns information
> on this host. My issue is if i check the forward and reverse zone files i do
> not see records for the new host. I do see two .jnl files. In
> /var/log/messages i do see the error about the working directory not being
> writable, other than that that is it, named indicates it is running. I'm
> wondering if it takes a while to update the records?

I have just set up ddns this week, to correctly update the records, bind
will update the zone files, if these are not writable it fails. I don't
know the role of the jnl files.

I created a directory dynamic/ with owner bind:bind for dynamically
updated zone files. I found it a  good idea to create separate zones
for the dynamic dns and static dns. For example I have for dynamic dns


and for static dns


You must create empty zone files for the dynamic dns zones just
including the SOA record.

If this doesn't help, post the log entry from your messages, and try
also running named in foreground to see what happens.

BR, Erik

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