IBM TSM server

claudiu vasadi claudiu.vasadi at
Sun Jun 7 20:06:20 UTC 2009

On Sun, Jun 7, 2009 at 9:38 PM, Wojciech Puchar <
wojtek at> wrote:

> Jun  7 21:10:47 da1 kernel: ad6: detached
>> Jun  7 21:10:47 da1 kernel: g_vfs_done():ad6s1d[READ(offset=86540058624,
>> length=16384)]error = 6
>> Jun  7 21:10:47 da1 kernel: g_vfs_done():ad6s1e[READ(offset=63203147776,
>> length=16384)]error = 6
>> Jun  7 21:10:47 da1 kernel: g_vfs_done():ad6s1d[READ(offset=86539010048,
>> length=16384)]error = 6
> isn;t it trying to read past the end of disk?

Hmm.. I guess you are correct. The question is why is it doing this ?

And on both drives ?

Feels to me a problem for the developers. HDD's didn't give me one problem
since the day the got installed. I'm not saing that they are very good HDD's
(in fact they are quite cheap ones) but fail all of a sudden ? And leaving
this asside, they dnt give one error on masive transfers and still have very
good transfer speed. What I'm saing is that hdd failure could be a
posibility of course, but a unlikely one at this point.

My problem is that I do not know what tehnik TSM server uses for creating
those files because at some point it fails. Strainge thing is that it goes
over 1G. First it creates the file and then it populates the file up until
the given limit (25G in this case).

I will try something tomorow. I will again start the tsm server to add the
space (the 25G free space) to the pool and will monitor the file size up
until the OS crashes. I'm very curious what's the size of the file when the
OS crashes.

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