Samba3 domain controller howto?

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> Subject: Samba3 domain controller howto?
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> Date: Sunday, June 7, 2009, 6:28 AM
> Hello,
>     I've found a lot of this for LInux, but
> am looking for something
> FreeBSD specific. I'm wanting to set up a FreeBSD 7.2
> machine, samba3,
> dynamic dhcp and dns, to act as a domain controller. Has
> anyone done this
> and do you have some notes or a howto?
> Thanks.
> Dave.

The samba howto's on the samba website cover this very well, the only step I can think of that is a bit diff on freebsd, is adding the $ to the machine account but it's stated on the website.
Dhcp is covered in the handbook on the freebsd website.

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