Driver for nVidia Geforce 6150LE

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>> nVidea driver should I install? From what I understood, nVidia
>> was not producing 64 bit drivers for FreeBSD due to a problem with
>> the FreeBSD kernel. There are none listed on the nVidea site either.
>problem with FreeBSD kernel? what FreeBSD/amd64 kernel can't that i386
>one can?

Your response is of no use since it does not apply to the question.

If you need further information regarding incompatibilities between
nVidia 64 bit drivers and 64 bit FreeBSD, Google for it. There was even
a lengthy discussion on this topic on this very forum awhile ago.

It would be nice if this incompatibility issue could be resolved by
FreeBSD-8 since it apparently is not going to be resolved in the
present 7.x branch. Personally, with more and more PCs being sold with
64 bit architecture, and nVidea being a major player in the video card
market, FreeBSD's inability to support nVidia 64 bit drivers is
seriously detrimental to the overall usefullness of the OS and
certainly will not help it capture a larger share of the market.

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