Getting old versions of FreeBSD

Frederique Rijsdijk frederique at
Sat Jun 6 06:36:55 UTC 2009

Bill Moran wrote:
> In response to Frederique Rijsdijk <frederique at>:
>> For some 'issue' I have to install an old version FreeBSD: 4.7-p28. The
>> ISO of 4.7 I have found, but how to get to p28?
> That code is still in the version control system, all you need to do is
> configure cvsup to fetch it and rebuild your system.
> Instructions:
> Use the RELENG_4_7, since p28 was the last patch on the 4.7 branch.

Indeed they are all still available. Very nice, I'm upgrading to p28
now. Thanks!

-- Frederique

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