ISP questions

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Fri Jun 5 16:30:28 UTC 2009

> I did the support gig for the better part of two years when I started
> school. It was difficult, especially when the people that were
> frustrated, angry, and determined to take it out on me had broken or
> ancient hardware and lived out in the boondocks where audible crackling

Just put the earphone on table and wait until the noise ends :)

> I even had a guy call in once who got irate with me because I wouldn't
> help him troubleshoot why his video card was displaying only 256 colors.

Simply because it's not your job.

> them, how to edit the zone files, etc. When that ISP was acquired by a
> larger one, and operations expanded and the different departments
> separated, things started getting dumb. Rapidly.

And that's why in any normal system big companies will loose to small 
ones. Small company will ALWAYS be better managed, and run cheaper. But we 
don't live in normal system.

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