ISP questions

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Fri Jun 5 16:27:47 UTC 2009

> You are absolutely right, and I'm glad you pointed that out. Even I will
> admit to not minding hanging on the phone a few extra minutes with a
> calm, polite user (no matter how 'green' they are) if they do what I say
> (without click-click-clicking in the background) throughout the
> troubleshooting process.

To be honest i just don't know windows much so i can't help much.

> We *always* will be up front and honest if we (or any of our wholesalers
> or intermediaries) are having issues (that we know about).

And that's right. Same if WE have/had problems we simply tell clients the 

> It's the users who scream and bitch and claim "it hasn't worked for a
> month!",

Simply answer "why didn't you call month ago? As you called now, i count 
this as problem started today".

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