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> >> 4. What kind of hardware and
> software are you running?
> >>     "Can't provide this, due
> to security reasons."
> >
> > That's the stupidest answer I've heard today.
> It isn't that stupid. As many ISPs admins aren't very good,
> they simply 
> fear.
  Yeah, most admins just get to set around and do nothing but answer questions on mailing lists. =) Being short handed, under paid and taking care of the support overflow. The time I get to tell some "supposed" grad student/software sales person with a sexy voice. "We don't share that information" makes my day. Just call me paranoid. lol

Locked into contracts with software venders will make you answer "Info Not Shared". Unable to make changes while you wait for a patch/fix. "Your the only one who's found this problem, so we'll wait until the next version to patch this problem. 

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