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>> 4. What kind of hardware and software are you running?
>>     "Can't provide this, due to security reasons."
>That's the stupidest answer I've heard today.

Actually, I had a Comcast representative give basically the same
answer. Evidently, they are trying to discourage 'social engineering''
which is probably not such a bad idea.

>> 7. Do you give complete access to the Internet, or do you block some
>> ports? "Cannot provide this info, due to security reasons."  After
>> asking, I was told that I would be able to run a mail server and http
>> server on my connection.
>That's the stupidest answer I've heard today (just trumped the previous

If they can run a mail & http server, they are obviously not blocking
ports 25 & 80. I would like to know how they are handling MX setting

>> 8. Do you have complete reverse DNS?
>>     (They didn't know.)
>Heh.  Can they find the bathroom in the dark?

Now the rep should know that, especially if the caller is inquiring
about a business account.

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