Can One Query an Oracle 10 Data Base under FreeBSD?

Martin McCormick martin at
Thu Jun 4 13:07:53 UTC 2009

Tyson Boellstorff writes:
> On Tuesday 02 June 2009 17:07:57 Gary Gatten wrote:
> > Surely there's a native Oracle SQL or ODBC client in the ports
> > collection.  Have you checked there?
> >
> I believe OP is looking for assurances that the oracle 7 and 8 clients 
> listed
> in ports/databases would work. If he just needs a connection and to run 
> SQL, it would work just as fine or maybe a little better than ODBC. The
> problem is that some things are not supported in the 7/8 clients that he 
> may
> want. In that case, he should be looking at running the linux-based 
> clients
> for more direct supportability from Oracle.

	First, my sincere thanks to everybody who answered. I
did look in ports first thing and found a bewildering array of
possibilities. We are going to be querying a Pinnacle server and
I suspect the suggestions to use the linux-based instant clients
are going to be what we need. I presently know next to nothing
useful about oracle data bases so the suggestions are much

	My understanding of the project we have been asked to do
is that we go to the Pinnacle server, query the data base and
look for a given flag that something new is here, pull in what
is new, massage some headers and then send them to another
device. Only the initial retrieval uses the oracle data base,
but it is not a data base we control so we get it from the
Pinnacle server and we will have to speak in tones it likes.:-)
Martin McCormick

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