Mounting Encrypted ISO and mdconfig

Azim quakerdoomer at
Wed Jun 3 17:43:24 UTC 2009

No it need not strictly be an iso. Infact I want a 10 GB file.
I had given GELI encrypted UFS file a thought but I want it to be
mountable from MS-Windows as well.
UFS Explorer mounts UFS Disks but allows one way data xfrer (from UFS to
Windows). You cannot write onto using UFS Explorer. Besides that, I
doubt if UFS Explorer would ask for a password on encountering the
encrypted file.

Any inputs how to mount a UFS encrypted file as a drive on Windows with
RW support ? That would be the best solution !!

Any ideas ?

On Wed, 03 Jun 2009 10:58 -0600, "Tim Judd" <tajudd at> wrote:
> Does it need to be an ISO file? i'm just curious why you can't use a
> UFS file that's then geli encrypted?
> If it does need to be an iso, simply make the same UFS filesystem (2k
> blocksize) of 700MB and geli encrypt that.  It'll still burn to CD,
> but won't be a CD Filesystem.
> Does this help?


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