Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Wed Jun 3 09:24:21 UTC 2009

>> Unfortunately there are no well done WWW browsers for unix in the world.
>> links -g is an exceptions, but in the same time it's quite limited.
>> But have best fonts :)
> You're right: browser code is overly complex, and a nightmare to audit
> properly for security purposes.

links is not complex, and REALLY well done, unfortunately now nobody (or 
close to) works on it. If they would just implement CSS - it's enough!

> That's why when working in a sensitive environment, I browse the web
> primarily with elinks (with JavaScript disabled, of course), and

right. but javascript in links is rather safe.

Anyway - you may simply NOT LIKE someone else unknown programs to be run 
on your computer except when you want to.

> secondarily and only when absolutely necessary with the usual
> firefox+noscript+abp...  both browsers running in a virtual box (qemu,
> virtualbox) dedicated to this purpose and this purpose only.

Exaggeration IMHO. just make sure your normal user has 700 permissions, 
create another and run browser from it.

> Of course, I'm taking more precautions, as running in a box may still
> not be 100% secure, if someone creative enough found a way to break
> out of the guest OS into the host OS; but everything else is just

Nobody would write specially prepared webpage exactly for You to break ;)

It's a matter of protecting yourself from "big brothers" that watch 

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