named: error sending response: not enough free resources

Steve Bertrand steve at
Wed Jun 3 01:19:21 UTC 2009

Chris St Denis wrote:
> Steve Bertrand wrote:

>> What type of device is em1 attached to? Is it a switch or a hub? Is it
>> possible to upgrade this? You should upgrade it to 100 (or 1000)
>> anyways. Does this device show any collisions?
> This is a dedicated server in a datacenter. I don't know the exact
> switch specs but it's likely a
> layer 2/3 managed switch. Probably a 1U catalyst.

Do you force 10Mb on your NIC, or do you auto-negotiate that?

Perhaps before you pay a higher fee, your colo centre could allow you to
connect to a 100Mb port (with perhaps some traffic policing) so you, as
a client, could quickly verify if you want to scale up to their next
tier without having to spend these up-front costs on troubleshooting
this back-asswards.

> I can upgrade the connection to 100mbps for a small monthly fee. I've
> left it at 10 because I haven't
> had a need, but with traffic recently growing, this is probably the problem.

Tell the colo that. Tell them you need to test their next tier of service!

>> # mail -s "tcpdump output" steve at < /var/log/dns.pcap
> I don't think this is necessary. If cutting down the http traffic or
> raising the port speed doesn't
> fix it, I'll look into further debugging with this. more time, don't attempt to throttle your own traffic to
troubleshoot what looks like a throughput bottleneck.

Start with the collocation provider. They should, for free, allow you to
have a testing period with their next service tier. Hopefully, they can
do it without having to swap your Ethernet cable into another device.

If it works during the test, then a small 'migration' and monthly
upgrade fee would be acceptable (if they choose).

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