Flamewar ( was: Sponsoring FreeBSD)

Erik Osterholm freebsd-lists-erik at erikosterholm.org
Tue Jun 2 22:11:35 UTC 2009

On Tue, Jun 02, 2009 at 11:20:23PM +0200, Wojciech Puchar wrote:
> >> just added option to pay by instalments
> >
> > The original poster several days ago suggested installments.  His
> > original post suggested $50-$100/month.  That is $600-$1200/year.
> > You repeatedly said that he would need to "add two zeros".  Adding
> > "two zeros" would be $60,000 - $120,000/year.
> Yes - i missed this "monthly" and sorry for this.
> ... 
> Even at first post i wrote that i'm not FreeBSD owners and they will 
> decide.

We're all human.  The potential sponsors might have missed the line
where you said that you were not an owner.

Just as you missed the bit where they were interested in monthly

> Do you really mean i have enough power to just dumb any sponsors 
> (potential, not "potential") by writing a post on public mailing
> list?

Any person might look at people in the community and decide that they
don't want to be a part of that community after all.  That's why it
would be nice if everyone could be courteous and helpful.

I'm not specifically referring to you, Mr. Puchar.  I'm talking about
the general case.  Like it or not, people who post on a mailing list
or forum of an open source project often make or break the project and
influence people's decisions to use support the project.  Ubuntu's
success is credited, in part, to the wonderful community.


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