Flamewar ( was: Sponsoring FreeBSD)

Chris Rees utisoft at googlemail.com
Tue Jun 2 22:09:34 UTC 2009

2009/6/2 Wojciech Puchar <wojtek at wojtek.tensor.gdynia.pl>:
>>> Do you really mean i have enough power to just dumb any sponsors
>>> (potential, not "potential") by writing a post on public mailing
>>> list?
>> Any person might look at people in the community and decide that they
>> don't want to be a part of that community after all.  That's why it
>> would be nice if everyone could be courteous and helpful.
>> I'm not specifically referring to you, Mr. Puchar.  I'm talking about
>> the general case.
> You are right. But do you try to say that we should think about consequences
> for potential sponsoring every word we say?!
> Is FreeBSD FREE SOFTWARE or commercial product that's selling some way?
> If first - then we should not care how much more/less money people will pay
> as a gift every time we post.
> If second - then please Owners declare it clearly and just add statement
> about this.
> Anyway - Do users of any commercial product support list must think if their
> words will lower the selling of the product? i don't think so.
> But if i'm not right - please add on FreeBSD webpage/mailing list info
> "Every sentence that can potentially lower the income or core team are
> punished with 10 lashes. Erik Osterholm will be the executor".

Or, you could see from the attitude of the users that they don't
deserve your hard earned cash, and can carry on using an underfunded
operating system TO MAKE MONEY. Yes, that's you. I bet you don't talk
to YOUR customers like that.


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