Text attribute differences of syscons and xterm

Polytropon freebsd at edvax.de
Mon Jun 1 02:02:32 UTC 2009

I'd like to ask the following question: Can the syscons driver
be configured in a way that certain screen attributes are
displayed in the same way? Read: It is possible to use the
underline attribute in text mode?

For example, when I call "man man" in an xterm, the effect
is this, black on white:

	     man [-adfhkotw] [-m arch[:machine]]
	     ^^^                 ^^^^  ^^^^^^^
	    bold font             underlined

It is the same when using grey on black color settings, like
the text mode console does.

On the "real" text mode console, the display is different,
grey on black:

	     man [-adfhkotw] [-m arch[:machine]]
	     ^^^                 ^^^^  ^^^^^^^
	white (not grey)           inverted

Which file / setting does control how text is displayed when
attributed with some "emphasize" (bold / invert / underline)?
I think it has something to do with the capabilities of the
attached "terminal driver", e. g. a terminal that can do
underline uses underline if requested, one which can't uses
invert instead.

But how can I tell (e. g. through a C program, maybe using
ncurses) that text should be underlined? Inverted is no
problem (change color pair)...

At least according to "man curs_attr", there are several
attributes that can be set. I've made a simple testing
program (attached, I hope) which does, when run in an
xterm, exactly what is intended (almost): colors are chosen
like at the text mode console (grey on black), and both
bold and underlining do work, inverse too. Blinking doesn't.
At the text mode console, blink works, inverse too, but
underlining does not (no effect).

Is there any possible way to get underlining in the "real"
text mode?

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