Striping a live file system RAID 10 help

Richard Fairbanks rafairbanks at
Wed Jul 29 20:26:50 UTC 2009

OK, so this is what I want to do. I have 4 big fast drives that I want to
run in RAID 10 (1+0). So, I'll need to mirror two sets of two disks, then
stripe those two mirrors. So, how do I do this if I want this striped set of
mirrors to be my entire fs? I can create both mirrors and have the entire fs
on one of the mirrors (*mirror0*), but then I need to stripe it with the
other mirrors (*mirror1*), and trying to create a stripe (*stripe*) from
that a set of mirrors in which one of the mirrors contains the live file
system does not work, obviously.

I was thinking, very generally, of creating the fstab file that I'll need to
point to the stripe instead of ad4 for example, rsyncing everything to a
disk on a diffferent server, using a live CD to create the stripe, then
rsyncing back to the stripe. I don't know if this will work, and haven't
even come to a conclusion of the particulars needed.

Of course, if there is a way to create the striped set off mirrors before
installation then installing onto that stripe, that'd be perfect. I don't
know if that can be done. I'm sure someone has configured a RAID 10
"standalone" system before. (Oh, I'm using 7.2). I'm just stuck at this

Thanks for any and all help!

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