Xorg 7.4 issue

Edward Sanford Sutton, III mirror176 at cox.net
Wed Jul 29 09:48:09 UTC 2009

  The keyboard works in some apps but not others? What video driver (and have 
you tried vesa if not using it to see if the problem can still be 
reproduced)? All x11 related drivers were rebuilt too? Output from the xorg 
logfile and your xorg.conf may be helpful. Maybe there is other relevant 
output to the console that X is launched from.
  Maybe a different problem, but I had trouble with keyboard input not 
appearing (and all of the X screen freezing; no blinking clock). It would 
come back with touching the mouse, and freezing was also caused by using the 
mouse. The trouble appeared back when "AllowEmptyInput" was discussed in the 
ports UPDATING file, but that no longer seems to work right (nor does 
DontZap) in my xorg.conf. I found things worked right by stopping hald before 
launching X.

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