close users in jail

Stefan Miklosovic miklosovic.freebsd at
Tue Jul 28 08:32:56 UTC 2009

hi all,

I am going to do some research in area of
creating server in educational sphere, for
example for some computer course at an

At this server, there would be a > lot < of
users (in tens, even hundreds) and I am also
going to write some kind of shell script, which
all of this does automatically. (something like
pw but it makes as lot of accounts as I want to).

At this configuration, it is inevitable to secure
some tries of hacking and security attacks on
the main system.

I would like to get all users into jail (jail in computer :D)
I know, if server has good security policy, I shouldn't be
afraid, but in the end of course, I can delete all of that stuff
very easily.

It is a good idea? Some pros / cons ?
I would like to get into jail also essential services,
apache, ftp, quotas.

The biggest "why" I want to do this that way is a fact
there are some other important services at the main

thank you in advance for response

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