NFS : -alldirs requested but is not a filesystem mountpoint

Aitor San Juan asanjuan at
Mon Jul 27 07:38:04 UTC 2009

Hello List,

I have a FreeBSD 5.4 (yes a bit old), and I'm just using it as a NFS

The server has got a filesystem located at /data

This local filesystem has several subdirectories, and I'd like these
subdirectories to be visible to a client host, but not all as a whole.

This is the hierarchy at /data:

/data/bulletins/etc/ftpmotd <-- this is only for FTP's ftpchroot config
/data/taxes/etc/ftpmotd     <-- this is only for FTP's ftpchroot config

The data to be visible is under /data/bulletins/nfs_bulls (and all its
subdirectories) and /data/taxes/docs (and all its subdirectories)

As the content of both directories has nothing to do with each other,
I'd like them to be "independently" exported. Thus, a client needing
access to these data should issue 2 mount's for each data. I don't want
both directories to be visible with just one mount.

This is what I've coded in my /etc/exports

/data/bulletins/nfs_bulls  -alldirs  -ro  -network MyNet  -mask
/data/taxes/docs           -alldirs  -ro  -network MyNet  -mask

And this is what syslog says:

-alldirs requested but /data/bulletins/nfs_bulls is not a filesystem
bad exports list line /data/bulletins/nfs_bulls  -alldirs  -ro  -network
MyNet  -mask

-alldirs requested but /data/taxes/docs is not a filesystem mountpoint
bad exports list line /data/taxes/docs  -alldirs  -ro  -network MyNet

Reading through etc/exports(5) and having seen those error messages, I
think I should create another separate filesystem on my server. However,
I haven't got any space left for another slice.

Is it possible to somehow accomplish what I want in this scenario?

Many thanks in advance.

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