INN configuration

Tim Kellers timothyk at
Sat Jul 25 13:53:42 UTC 2009

Michel Talon wrote:
> Tim Kellers said:
>> -Has anyone set up a n INN server on freebsd, successfuly?
> Yes, no problem. Have you read the Inn install doc in 
> /usr/local/share/doc/inn/INSTALL
> This is a step by step guide to the *long* configuration.
> Note that if you want to suck in news from another news server you also
> need some other software, the best one being newsx (in the ports).
> You also need to edit the "active" file to add newsgroups.

I think my problem may be my not having other software to grab the news 
from an upstream news server.  I'll take a look at newsx.  The 
configuration is long for sure, but I've been through it so many times 
in the past few days that I think I'm getting better at it. :-)

I'll report my success/failures as soon as I can get back on it.


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