jpeg-7 - rebuild all dependencies - how?

Daniel Bye danielby at
Fri Jul 24 12:55:52 UTC 2009

On Fri, Jul 24, 2009 at 02:03:43PM +0200, Ewald Jenisch wrote:
> Hi,
> Updating one of my sytems I followed /usr/ports/UPDATING and did a
> "pkg_delete -r jpeg-6b_7" - only to discover that everything that

Au contraire, Blackadder. UPDATING says to run either of 

portmaster -r jpeg*


portupgrade -fr graphics/jpeg

It says nothing of pkg_delete.

> depends on jpeg-* is gone - this involves little wonders like the
> complete gnome2 environment plus e.g. firefox, gimp,
> openoffice. 

pkg_delete -r <package> - recursively delete <package> and all others that 
depend on it.

> What's really bad however is that all information about the
> dependencies that were there before is now gone, i.e. the system has
> no clue that e.g. gnome2 was installed.

Yep, because pkg_delete removed their entries from the registry.

> Fortunately, in my particular case, I did a "pkg_info -Rx jpeg-" prior
> to that pkg_delete so at least I have clue as to the state of my ports
> that depend on jpeg-* before that pkg_delete.
> So here are my questions:
> o) Do I really have to re-build every port that depends on jpeg-* from
> scratch; i.e. "make && make install"ing every port? (i.e. take the
> list from pkg_info (see above) and build everything by hand)

That's going to be the best bet, yes.

> o) Is there a less painful way to upgrade everything that depends on jpeg-*

You could try installing prebuilt packages, but they might not all have been
updated yet to use the new version of jpeg. 

> PS: To my understanding the information in /usr/ports/UPDATING is a
> little misleading without mentioning anything that "pkg_delete"
> basically removing all dependencies leaving the system in a state with
> the dependent packages deleted having no clue as to what was there
> before. Maybe a little hint about this would possibly keep others from
> falling into similar traps....

Read the relevant entry again. It mentions nothing about running pkg_delete.


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