jpeg-7 - rebuild all dependencies - how?

Ewald Jenisch a at
Fri Jul 24 12:33:38 UTC 2009


Updating one of my sytems I followed /usr/ports/UPDATING and did a
"pkg_delete -r jpeg-6b_7" - only to discover that everything that
depends on jpeg-* is gone - this involves little wonders like the
complete gnome2 environment plus e.g. firefox, gimp,

What's really bad however is that all information about the
dependencies that were there before is now gone, i.e. the system has
no clue that e.g. gnome2 was installed.

Fortunately, in my particular case, I did a "pkg_info -Rx jpeg-" prior
to that pkg_delete so at least I have clue as to the state of my ports
that depend on jpeg-* before that pkg_delete.

So here are my questions:

o) Do I really have to re-build every port that depends on jpeg-* from
scratch; i.e. "make && make install"ing every port? (i.e. take the
list from pkg_info (see above) and build everything by hand)

o) Is there a less painful way to upgrade everything that depends on jpeg-*

Thanks much in advance for your help,

PS: To my understanding the information in /usr/ports/UPDATING is a
little misleading without mentioning anything that "pkg_delete"
basically removing all dependencies leaving the system in a state with
the dependent packages deleted having no clue as to what was there
before. Maybe a little hint about this would possibly keep others from
falling into similar traps....

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