Can't login to the system...!

Daniel Bye danielby at
Thu Jul 23 14:12:30 UTC 2009

On Thu, Jul 23, 2009 at 04:56:35PM +0300, thanos trompoukis wrote:
> Hi all, I am a noobie here.
> I was in the system as root and I type this command:
> chsh -s usr/local/bin/bash (without reason,by mistake)
> when I reboot the system I give username & password  and I see this:
> login:  usr/local/bin/bash:  No such file or directory
> FreeBSD/i386  (leonidas.MSHOME) (ttyv0)
> login:
> But I can access the system as another user, and
> when I type *su* I can login as root fine.
> I have no idea what i've done. Give me your lights please.

You mangled the path to bash in the chsh command - note the absense of a 
leading / 

Become root using su, then change your root shell back to /bin/tcsh:

 # chsh -s /bin/tcsh 

All should now be well. 


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