ng_netflow and ipv6

Reinhard Haller reinhard.haller at
Thu Jul 23 12:12:47 UTC 2009


I'm monitoring the network traffic with ng_netflow and
collecting/displaying it with nfsen.

I'm missing ipv6 traffic (all ssh-traffic is going over ipv6) in the
filtered netflow output.
I've checked the netflow data with tcpdump/wireshark, there is no ipv6
netflow monitored.

My config:

FreeBSD 7.2 with netgraph included in kernel configuration

ngctl -f /usr/local/etc/netflow.conf is started after boot with the
following config:

mkpeer em0: netflow lower iface0
name em0:lower netflow
connect em0: netflow: upper out0
mkpeer netflow: ksocket export inet/dgram/udp
msg netflow:export connect inet/
connect em1: netflow: lower iface1
connect em1: netflow: upper out1
connect nfe0: netflow: lower iface2
connect nfe0: netflow: upper out2
msg netflow: setconfig {iface=0 conf=7}
msg netflow: setconfig {iface=1 conf=7}
msg netflow: setconfig {iface=2 conf=7}

Any suggestions?

Reinhard Haller

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