Ports and package creation Automation

Sam Fourman Jr. sfourman at gmail.com
Wed Jul 22 20:48:25 UTC 2009

hello list,

After searching google for 5 minutes I cant find what I am looking for.

I know that pkg_create command will create packages for the other 3 boxes.
if I am going to rebuild all of my ports from scratch, can I somehow
tell FreeBSD
to create a package all the time and store it in a directory?

also what file do I modify to tell the other local machines where to
find the packages?
can this be a sftp url? it would be convenient cause sshd is installed in base.

I want to install FreeBSD 8 BETA2 i386 on 4 computers, I want to install
gnome and firefox, k3b, compiz,openoffice etc... all in all it is like
a 975 port count.

Thank you in advance

Sam Fourman Jr.

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