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Tue Jul 21 16:53:44 UTC 2009

illoai at wrote:
> 2009/7/21 PJ <af.gourmet at>:
>> Frankly, I have no idea how to configure the kernel from GENERIC... I
>> have installed, in the past and recently, Intel i386 kernels without
>> problem but this amd64 thingy is incomprehensible for me... the default
>> GENERIC example holds HAMMER as the cpu; mine is Turion with some other
>> name for the cpu.
>> Changing that does not fix things either.
> AFIK (IANAMSP) "HAMMER" is the only valid setting for cpu
> in your kernel config under amd64.  If you insist on "tuning" it,
> try setting "CPUTYPE" in /etc/make.conf.
I don't  "insist" at all. I'm just trying to configure & install a
custom kernel that doesn't give errors.
> Your ACPI errors may not be errors, but rather informational
> messages.  Per-haps "dmesg -a | grep ACPI"?
If on startup the screen spews out a lot of lines that say "ACPI error"
and repetitious "uteval-0309 : method execution failes: and
AE_NO_HARDWARE_RESPONSE  and "psparse-0626: Method parse/execution
failed" plus a couple more which don't tell me what the hardware might
be... then errors it must be... ;-)

Things run but then.... even Xorg is showing some signs of life... no
startx to be found though...

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