Attempting ZFS Only Install of 7.2

Drew Tomlinson drew at
Fri Jul 17 15:07:10 UTC 2009

Jason Garrett wrote:
> >snip everything that don't matter
>     8. Install ZFS boot:
>     # gpart bootcode -b /zroot/boot/pmbr ad0
>     # gpart bootcode -p /zroot/boot/gptzfsboot -i 1 ad0
>     9. Change mount points for zroot pool and reboot.
> Step 8 was CRUCIAL to the setup. All along, following the guides, I 
> was doing this. The ONLY difference was after I built the loader with 
> LOADER_ZFS_SUPPORT=YES I did this step from /mnt2/boot/pmbr and 
> /mnt2/boot/gptzfsboot. One guide even had me do this first. This is 
> the one thing that made it work. I am now happy to be testing 
> 8.0-BETA1 on my machine.
Congratulations!  Now I have new hope.  :)  Hopefully I will get some 
time this weekend to try again.



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