First European Union multilingual B2B portal start.

Mr. Storm, EU B2B non-reply at
Fri Jul 17 09:22:41 UTC 2009

Welcome on our multilingual B2B portal on

The European Union would like to get better business contacts to all EU members. 
EU-B2B.EU make a new B2B portal available in differently European languages. 
The user can search over all categories in his language (German, Spain ..) look for products and find your products!

All products descriptions can you use in all language what you like.

Not more one B2B for English, other for German, French, and other for .. ONLY ONE B2B business data base for all European languages.

Use this unique chance and register certainly today. 

You can use the temporary test phase / End-Release C. (to 20 August) and you notify performances of company, products, completely free of charge in EU-B2B portal. 

(The test-phase is not optimal balanced and work with 50% speed.)

The benefits you will get from End-Release version of EU B2B International Edition are :

* First-level Priority Listing 

* Exclusive Full Access to Buying Leads 

* Premium Company Website 

* Tradeshow Promotion Opportunity 

* Big Buyer Promotion Opportunity 

* 5 Product Showcase 



-----This value over 200 Euro is FREE for you !

Start with

Best Regards! 
Alex Storm, EU Comm.Support 
E-Mail: support at mailto:support at
EU-B2B Corp. Brussel, Belgie, Aven. La Foch 1 

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