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Bill Moran wmoran at
Thu Jul 16 18:47:08 UTC 2009

In response to Marissa <webz at>:

> I am a web designer. I am currently building a site for a client and 
> they would like me to host their site. They had someone else set up a 
> hosting and it looks like it's through you guys. They said the guy gave 
> them the username and info but then took off and they can't get ahold of 
> them. Also he never told them who the hosting was through. I went 
> through the server info and found your guys signature on there so I am 
> assuming its you :). I need to delete the items off the server so I can 
> host the site but whenever I try it says I don't have access. Is there 
> anything you can do to help?

You're not quite talking to the right people.  You're talking to the
people who write the software that the site uses.  The FreeBSD project
doesn't host sites or provide hosting.

There are, however, many knowledgeable people on this mailing list.  If
you provide specifics (like the name of the site) I'm sure some people
will jump in and suggest ways to get the situation resolved.

(Note: DO NOT send passwords or other account information.  This is a
public list, and anything you send to it will be published all over the

Bill Moran

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